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Swanky Salon Brings a Spicy Twist to Nail Design

We all like a little spice in our lives, right? Spicy bloody marys liven up Sunday brunch. Dinner holds more interest when there’s a kick to our tacos, and date night…well, you know. Ah, but here’s the real hot zinger. If you’re looking for sizzling

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the master in the barbershop shaves and cuts the man

Why Gentlemen Sometimes Prefer a Male Barber

Gentlemen prefer male barbers. Wait, did I say blondes? No, I said male barbers, and here are some of the reasons why… Sometimes it is just nice for men to interact with men in certain circumstances, and some low pressure, relaxing time with your barber

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Swanky Salon Microblading Services

Tired of those Mickey D arches above your eyes? I’m sure we’d all prefer to see the Mickey D arches along the side of the road when we are hungry as opposed to above our eyes at any time! Ah, but don’t stress. The beauty

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Curly hair woman beauty red lips perfect curly

Why Are Perms Back in Style?

Remember those tightly curled, frizzy perms from the 80’s that you used a headband or scrunchy to keep in check? Thinking you want a redo? No problem! Perms are making a comeback for women; and they are doing it in style… Out with the old

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Men Still Prefer a Barber Shop

Ever experience an old school style hot shave with rich, hot lather, a towel that is just the perfect temperature and razor sharp shaving that will result in a better shave? When a hot shave is done right by an experienced professional, it is the

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Manicured hands and nail art samples

Have Fun with Personalized Nail Art

Nail art has been around for thousands of years, as far back as Egyptian times when nail colors were used to distinguish social standing. Today, nail art can be anything from simple polka dots or stripes to detailed works of art on each nail. Nail

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Beautiful brunette girl with red lips and black bob hairstyle.

Bangs Can Make You Look Younger

Thinking it might be time to freshen up your hairstyle…maybe with something that makes you look and feel a little younger? Ask any skilled hair stylist what to do and they will tell you that a soft framing shape with lots of layers is best

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Try Ombre for a Diverse Look

Are you someone who likes to shake things up? Do you pride yourself for being up on the latest trends in style? Enjoy being one of those hip chicks who is the first to sport a new, trendy look? Then Ombre hair color may be

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The Decision to Cut Your Long Hair Short

Depending on your personality, if you are thinking about going from long hair to short, you make want to give the decision some careful thought or you may just “go for it” on a whim. Either way, it is a good idea to make sure

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Woman donating hair for cancer

Why We Should Donate Hair

Donating hair may mean more than you think… Surgeries, painful recoveries and treatments that can cause enough nausea and discomfort to put your entire life on hold…Cancer patients – including little children – go through enough without having to deal with the loss of hair.

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Having a break from moving house with pet

The Joy – and other benefits – of Pets

From their wagging tails and deafening purrs, to pure joy and affection, our pets provide us with an unmatched level of unconditional love. It is a proven fact that pets positively affect the physical, psychological and social aspects of our lives. Pets are used to

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