Low Maintenance Hairstyles

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With our sometimes far too busy lifestyles, it can be a wonderful thing when we can put forth minimal effort and gain maximum effect. A great way to do that is with the best low maintenance hairstyle for your particular hair type and length.

For example, you can build structure and subsequently create an illusion of thicker hair with a bob. A bob is an excellent hairstyle for medium length hair with straight to loose waves; and when trimmed above shoulders it will easily provide optimal movement and shape. Shags work effortless wonders for medium length curlier hair. If straight to loose hair is shorter than shoulder length, a bob without layers can provide that popular, slightly messy appeal.

A cool, French bob is a super chic short hairstyle that will show off your earrings and fall into place without much effort at all. If your short hair is on the curlier side, leaving volume on the top and going shorter on the sides is a style that is cute and very easy to handle. Long layers are easy to toss up into a sexy, messy topknot. You only need to keep your ends trimmed for healthy, easy maintenance here.

Low maintenance hairstyles are particularly healthy for fine hair because less styling and heat is always better when dealing with delicate hair. A great hairstyle for thinner hair is beach waves. If hair is straight, curl it away from your face. If hair is wavy, just add a little texturizing product.

Side swept bangs can add fullness around your face. You can also just spritz some texturizer at the roots to give yourself a little volume…Or add a bit of fun and whimsy with some sassy flipped ends!