Nail Shapes

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When it’s time for a manicure, you get to make some fun decisions, like what new color you want to try or whether you want acrylic, gel or powder nails; but you also get to decide on your nail shape – which can significantly alter the appearance of your manicure.

Do you know your nail shapes? For a more natural appeal, there is the round nail, which is obviously round, with no sharp edges; the oval is slightly slimmer than the round nail. Almond shaped nails are basically oval, but with a more tapered end. The square nail is, of course, filed square; and the squoval nail shape is just as it sounds – a cross between square and oval, which is flat at the top, but a little less drastically…a bit softer than square.

Then we get into the bolder nail shape choices for clients who may prefer an edgier look. For those folks, may we suggest either the stiletto nail, which is filed to a radical point or the coffin nail for those who like edgy, but prefer a boxier shape? Coffin nails are long, tapered and slim, but without the severe point for which the striking stiletto nail shape is known. The coffin nail shape is extremely popular largely due to its versatility. Not only making a bold statement to please any teen or rocker, coffin nails can provide a dressy alternative, fitting in perfectly either at a nightclub or the office.

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