Local Business Owner, Missy Smith McCormick, Provides Hope after Hurricanes

Missy McCormickOwner & Stylist

Once again, we are entering our hurricane season. If you’ve lived in New Smyrna Beach a while, you know that this time of year can bring with it everything from strong thunderstorms, to damaging wind and rain, to category 5 hurricanes with a whole lot of everything.

At times like this, it is nice to know that we have people on our side…people who truly believe that pitching in to help others in their time of need is simply the right thing to do…people who don’t just talk about it, they pour their heart and soul into it…people like Missy Smith McCormick.

Missy is not only the proprietor of Swanky Salon in New Smyrna Beach, she helps to provide hope after hurricanes to people in need. Here’s just one example…When Hurricane Irma was due to hit Florida any day, Missy joined one of her stylists – Ray Catheline – and his family, as well as approximately 30 core volunteers that mushroomed into about 200 amazing volunteers to help the folks in Texas who were just devastated by Hurricane Harvey. 

It all started by using social media to get the word out about their relief convoy. As soon as supplies were donated, an assembly line of volunteers separated items like canned foods, water, toiletries, blankets, toys and more. When they filled more than 100 pallets, over four truckloads headed out to where they were needed most. New Smyrna Beach is blessed that angels like Missy, Ray and all of the other selfless volunteers who joined them call New Smyrna Beach home.

Missy also finds joy in providing comfort at her salon. A graduate of Cindy Lee Nail Institute, Missy has spent over 20 years in her industry, specializes in acrylic nails, gel manicures, therapeutic pedicures, nail art and strives to make all of her clients feel at home at Swanky Salon in New Smyrna Beach.