Nail Length: What Fits You?

Woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure with nail file

Nail length can be just as important as the nail polish you choose…or don’t. Certain jobs, such as healthcare workers and military personnel, demand nail functionality. So your nail length, shape and style should be reflective of your lifestyle. 

For instance, those who partake in more rough and tumble professions or work in a field that demands frequent or unsympathetic use of your hands – like gardeners, firefighters, police officers, dishwashers, etc. – will want to keep their fingernails trimmed to avoid breakage and other damage. People who engage in sports and other athletic activities will typically want to keep their nails closely cropped as well.

Then there are those whose profession requires them to protect against any sanitary issues, such as those in the food service industry and the person who fills your prescriptions at the local pharmacy. Round, oval, square or what is sometimes referred to as squoval (yep, squarish/roundish) nails can be both functional and flattering for those who require a more conservative nail length.

Conversely, if your job and the activities you enjoy are not physically demanding or restrictive, you can pretty much exercise carte blanche where your nails are concerned. So if you adore razor sharp stiletto nails, long sexy nails or nails adorned with showstopping polish or funky nail art, by all means have at it!

The expert nail technicians and artisans at Swanky Salon in New Smyrna Beach are here to ensure your nail beauty and comfort no matter what nail length, shape and style you determine is best for you. Call to make your nail appointment at Swanky Salon today!