Why Gentlemen Sometimes Prefer a Male Barber

the master in the barbershop shaves and cuts the man

Gentlemen prefer male barbers. Wait, did I say blondes? No, I said male barbers, and here are some of the reasons why…

Sometimes it is just nice for men to interact with men in certain circumstances, and some low pressure, relaxing time with your barber can be one of those times. Going to a male barber can be a very comfortable…almost therapeutic experience. Plus, men can often share common interests and even easily develop fast friendships. Some gentlemen also feel that a male barber possesses a better understanding of the nuances of men’s grooming. At Swanky Gents, our barber certainly gets it!

Swanky Gents is a full-service barber and grooming studio offering gentleman’s cuts and hot shaves, as well as facials, manicures and pedicures designed specifically with men in mind. So come on in, sit back, relax and enjoy a traditional hot shave, a men’s manicure and a professional cut before that important business meeting; make sure you are perfectly groomed before that hot date or that your feet are beach-ready before you whip off your socks and shoes.

Although Swanky Gents is pleased to accept walk-ins during regularly scheduled business hours, you may want to save time and book your appointment ahead by calling 386-690-1077. We are conveniently located at 536 Canal Street in historic New Smyrna Beach.