Tips on Keeping Your Hair Healthy


Far too frequent hair washing can strip hair of essential oils and nutrients. At the very least, try to keep shampooing frequency down to every other day. Also, concentrate shampoo on your scalp – not the length of your hair. While conditioner, to rejuvenate and help eliminate hair damage and avoid hair breakage, should be liberally applied to hair tips. Adding deep conditioning to your hair regime can also help to fortify hair.

Plus, you also don’t want to overdo it with heat styling, such as flat ironing, blow drying and any manner of curling with heat. Try to save your heat styling for special occasions or the occasional night out instead of your daily routine.

Pulling hair back too tightly can damage hair too, so stick to soft hair ties and loose hair knots. Regular hair trimming can also help you avoid hair damage and preserve healthy hair by keeping split ends at bay. Also remember that your hair is attached to your body, so the effects of eating well and maintaining proper hydration levels will travel to your hair. Vitamin supplements, like E, can promote hair health too.

Additionally, we all know that the sun can dry out and damage our skin, but did you know the same is true for hair? If you can, try to shield your hair from too much sun. You also want to protect your hair from pool water. Our hair is porous, so dry hair will soak up moisture. Instead of entering the pool with dry hair, wet your hair first so it isn’t absorbing too much chemically-treated pool water.

Finally, we will leave you with these tips for your hair health journey…To improve hair texture, avoid shampoos with sulfates which can strip hair of natural moisture; for soft curls, use your hands to gently work in a lightweight defining product on damp hair; and a very small amount of hair oil or hair serum can go a long way toward shiny hair.