From Southern HairStyles to the Latest Trends, Swanky Salon Offers It All!


We live in Florida, so why not embrace our southern charm? The South is more than biscuits and collards. It is braids and curls! So channel your inner southern belle and poof it up, pin it up, or go romantic with ringlets and tumbling twists. Strawberry blonde will compliment your slow gin fizz and pretty barrettes and scarves will keep the vapors at bay. Whatever your pleasure, the hair stylists and colorists at Swanky Salon are sure to please!

Maybe that slow, sweet and demur southern style is not your thing and you’re more of a trend-setter. The hair experts at Swanky Salon in New Smyrna Beach are all over that too!

As opposed to the top trending hairstyles of last year like functional ponytails and center parts, the beginning of 2020 saw short hair making the cut – what some might consider a backlash to the hair extension trend. There were also warm tones like golden honey and fiery red, as well as cool toned shades such as icy platinum and cool ash blonde. 

Now if you went short in early 2020 with one of the softer bobs that were trending, you were all set heading into quarantine. Today the trends seem to be more about minimalism and ease. Now we are going a bit longer with more natural texture…possibly out of a preconceived necessity.

So…curly, coiled, relaxed and tousled are in! Shags in various lengths, beach waves (which are usually a hit here in Florida no matter when) and braids create today’s trends for style and ease. Curtain bangs, popular for their face framing and low maintenance, are also a hit. This stylish trend also easily converts to long layers as it grows. As far as color, we’re looking at more single process, solid colors and hair accessories including pearl and rhinestone clips are becoming an obsession.