Swanky Salon Brings a Spicy Twist to Nail Design

Swanky Salon Pedicures

We all like a little spice in our lives, right? Spicy bloody marys liven up Sunday brunch. Dinner holds more interest when there’s a kick to our tacos, and date night…well, you know. Ah, but here’s the real hot zinger. If you’re looking for sizzling nails this summer, Swanky Salon completely spices up nail design. 

Summer is a fabulous time to heat things up and add punch to your polish…a great time to experiment because anything goes, from the brightest neons to the most jazzed-up prints and patterns. It’s definitely time to go full bore instead of boring!

Ever think about ombre for your nails? Go light to dark or dark to light! Paint each nail in a different shade of pink or fire things up with flames in different neon colors. These ideas are just a tiny glimpse of the deliciously dope nail designs trending for summer and they are all attainable at Swanky Salon.

Go for sheek (the new chic) with Oriental lettering and flowers. Use negative space to your design advantage and place those different sized black and white dots on just a portion of each nail. Drop the browns and blacks and paint your animal prints in bold colors of your choosing.

Maybe you want to give a nod to summer. How about a sea glass (soft teal, sapphire and lime) matte finish or bright green palm leaves over natural nails?

Ready to party? Thought so! So ditch the full-on glitter for glitter tips, splatter confetti over opalescent or take things to the edge by painting only the perimeter.

Can’t decide? Not a problem. Mix and match all your favorite designs! Swanky Salon has got your nails covered.