New Summer Nail Trend: Butterfly Nails

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Yet another nail trend has sprouted wings – butterfly beauty! Yep, in addition to the butterfly make-up, hair accessories and clothing crazes, butterfly nails are rapidly gaining popularity, and don’t worry if you prefer your nail design to be unique. Butterfly nails offer the versatility of so many choices…

No longer do you need stiletto nails to gain attention, unless you want them, of course. Summer is a time full of the sweet songs of birds, blossoming flowers and delicate butterflies floating on the gentle breeze…and what a beautiful, seasonal way to showcase your nails!

Intersperse butterflies with flowers or any pattern or color of your choice. Imagine butterfly nail art finished in glitter, lined in gold or silver chrome or with a mirrored glaze to deliver some pop. Add neon colors or crystals to the mix. Or go neutral with butterfly nail art gracing natural or pink powdered nail beds. Realistic butterfly representations are gorgeous too, so consider reflecting real-life with our butterfly nail art.

Long nails provide more room, allowing your butterflies to take flight; or place a tiny butterfly at the tip of each nail extension. Swirling butterflies on French tips are lovely. Another striking look is to exchange your traditional French manicure for one with beautiful monarch butterfly wings in orange and black on the tips