Long Hair and Headaches


Have you ever heard that having long hair can give you headaches? The truth is that hair doesn’t really weigh that much and our scalps are “designed” to carry our hair. So, don’t lop off those long locks just yet. Long hair itself is really not the culprit. The things we do to our hair, neck and scalp are.

For instance, putting your hair up in a super tight, super sleek ponytail is certainly a chic style, but pulling your hair back too severely can not only lead to hair loss! Nobody likes that style.

Let’s address another common cause of headaches induced by our long hair styling techniques – the low, tight twisted bun. This one is a little different because it involves neck muscles. Yep, a bun at the base of your neck can cause you to hold your head at a slightly different angle, agitating the delicate muscles in the neck and leading to a headache.

Then there is the headache caused by a new style because simply pulling your hair roots in a direction they are not used to can cause discomfort. Along the same line of thinking, even parting your hair differently can lead to a headache of this type.

So, when you pull your hair up try to spread it out in a comfortable manner, such as a loose top-knot or a double ponytail that distributes your hair more effectively; and never pull too tightly on your roots. You can also try brushing or braiding your hair back at the temples instead of directly straight back.