Nail Design Ideas for Winter!


Let’s face it; winter can get boring…not as much here in Florida, but still. One way to liven things up after all of the holiday hoopla is over is with nail art – specifically fun, winter nail designs! Here are some new nail design ideas that can energize the winter season, or any season for that matter:

We’ve all seen those cute snowflakes and traded in our pinks and pastels for heavier hues; and although those winter nail trends are lovely, we’re talking about a new winter nail wonderland here. Maybe you’d like to try some shimmering finishes, like Ombre glitter tips – which can be acquired with a clear base or color coat, followed by a strip of glitter nail polish on each tip. You can also alternate polish and/or glitter colors on each nail for even more pizzazz. 

Here’s another new nail design for winter…Go dark for your French manicure, using navy, evergreen or even red. Use metallic for your French tips or, instead of French tips, tip your French manicure on its side!

How about layering winter colors on your nail tips? Choose brash winter bolds and tri-color your nail tips with them on a slant or straight if you prefer.

Feeling some lunar vibes? Embrace your inner Wiccan with a minimalist metallic moon, which, of course, can be placed on a clear base coat or whatever color polish you choose.

Whatever winter nail designs capture your attention, they can all be had at Swanky Salon – where our nail artists await. Just call 386-427-4444 to schedule your appointment today!