Do You Like It Rough? Massage that Is!

Whether you want to experience euphoria, you need a little rejuvenation or you are looking for total
relaxation, you have come to the right place! Swanky Salon offers various types of massages, that range
from the lightest touch to a deep delve into muscle manipulation, so there is definitely one or more that
will fulfill whatever it is you desire.
Maybe your preference is a deep tissue massage. Yep, that’s the one for those of you who like things a
little rougher. This penetrating massage is specially designed to work and soothe tired aching muscles.
Or reduce stress with a Swedish massage, a delicious manipulation of your body’s soft tissues. There is
also aromatherapy which incorporates the use of essential oils and aromas into a massage designed to
promote your well-being. A hot stone massage can improve health and induce relaxation by using heat
to help ease muscle tension, reduce pain and increase blood flow.
You can also schedule a couples massage for you and your boo. Swanky Salon even offers a soothing
pregnancy massage for anyone with a body that is putting in double-time! Do you have time to indulge
in an entire hour of bliss or would you prefer to work 30 minutes of revitalization into your busy day?
Whichever you need, Swanky Salon will deliver.
Facials are considered massages too. Did you know that facials are essential for clean, healthy skin?
Meet with one of our professional, knowledgeable estheticians for a personal skin evaluation, so that
you can schedule the facial service most beneficial for you and leave Swanky Salon relaxed and glowing.
These past several months have been trying times for us all. Isn’t it about time you reward yourself with
an indulgent pleasure? Make your massage appointment at Swanky Salon today!