Are Perms Still a Thing?

Curly Hair

Perms have been around for over 100 years, making waves in the 1920s with those fabulous flappers and, of course, a big splash for those of us who sported that seemingly impossible high hair in the 80s; but are perms still a thing? 

Let’s give that question a resounding, “YES!” As does fashion, hairstyles have a habit of traveling full circle, so guess what has made it back around. Yup, that wavy or curly sexy hairstyle that lasts for months – hence the name “permanent.” 

Okay, so for those of “us” who aren’t old enough to have enjoyed the 1980s to their fullest, let’s review.  Perms can be used in a variety of ways. They can “thicken” and add volume to thin hair and they can turn stick straight hair into tight curls and tight curls into softer, looser ones. So don’t just think Annie curls when you think of a perm. We have a lot of options with perms these days…

A spiral perm is a gorgeous option to add texture to long hair. For a more modern looking perm, you can add bangs. A perm can also help you get those coveted soft, beachy waves.  Additionally, perms can enhance and beautify your natural curl pattern, so go ahead and embrace your curls!

Root perms add extra body to your scalp for more support for your hairstyle. Get a brick lay pattern wrap perm to add curl, a piggyback perm wrap for extra-long hair or a braid perm for that effortless, bedhead look.

By the way, perms are not just for the ladies, guys! Men can rock tight or loose, beachy curls too! So, go for a whole head perm or maybe even try the latest male perm trend and perm just the top, leaving your sides natural.