100-layer Nail Polish Challenge

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Just about everyone has been inspired to take on a TikTok Challenge lately. Have you heard of the 100- layer Make-up Challenge? Well, now there is a new trend inspired by a YouTube nail star which takes challenge participants to new heights in nail polish trending – the 100-layer Nail Polish Challenge. How much do you love nail polish? Are you up to the challenge? If you are of the mind that more is better, you just might be!

The result of the 100-layer Nail Polish Challenge is (or at least, should be) a mountain of colorful polish…hence its nickname, “the polish mountain.” However, try not to cover the edges of each layer of polish as you go, so that all of the different, pretty colors of polish you apply are visible. If you completely cover each layer, you will end up with one big mountainous glob in the last color of nail polish coat you apply.

You should also keep in mind that applying 100 coats of nail polish that need to dry in between each layer may take around ten hours. So here are two tips that will service you well: Go to the potty and eat something BEFORE you start the 100-layer Nail Polish Challenge process!

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