The Joy – and other benefits – of Pets

Having a break from moving house with pet

From their wagging tails and deafening purrs, to pure joy and affection, our pets provide us with an unmatched level of unconditional love. It is a proven fact that pets positively affect the physical, psychological and social aspects of our lives.

Pets are used to alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They can help ease people out of shyness. Pets are excellent promoters of companionship and nurturance in child development. They can also combat loneliness and depression in seniors – in anyone for that matter! Pets lower blood pressure, boost immunity and reduce stress.

Swanky Salon is also an excellent stress reducer. We provide a wide range of relaxation services from Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy or couples massage, to luxurious facials – any of which will wash away the stress of even the worst day and help you to achieve a deep state of relaxation.

We offer two convenient New Smyrna Beach locations. Both provide a relaxing spa environment and are armed with a team of uniquely qualified relaxation professionals who are anxious to reduce your stress. Call 386-427-4444 for an appointment at Swanky Chic’ Salon on Orange Street or 386-410-4745 for the Swanky Studio Salon and Spa at Urban Loft on Canal.