Curly Hair Care

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From curly fries to Curly from The Three Stooges and kisses that curl your toes, our love affair with curly things spans the ages. Much like an epic love affair, our curly hair should be nurtured to ensure that we keep it healthy and long-lasting.

As with all hair types, those blessed with beautiful curls should be careful not to over wash hair so you don’t strip it of moisture and essential natural oils. Also, using harsh heat styling methods is a no-no, but there are other hair care tips which are very specific to curly hair…

You never and I mean never want to use a brush on dry curls. This will leave you with something akin to a big ball of fuzz on your head…spoken with love and from experience. Instead, try using a light conditioner and a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet curls in the shower. I, personally, like to follow that up by lightly applying curl defining cream and working it through the length of the hair with my fingers. Air drying naturally is the perfect finishing touch for healthy, bouncy curls.

You will want to avoid thick, heavy products which can weigh hair down, trim ends every six weeks to avoid split ends and get the right cut with a great shape for your particular curls from a professional hair stylist.

Curly hair can be absolutely stunning, so embrace your curls…and if you have any questions about the best products to use or you want a cut to get the most out of your curls, the trained professionals at Swanky Salon know all the twists and turns when it comes to curly hair.