Haircuts Explained

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Some things, like the fact that peanut butter tastes so good with Marshmallow Fluff (I swear!) or that the time is magically corrected by an hour on our phones when it is daylight savings time, require no explanation. However, we all definitely deserve to know the reasoning behind some of the hairstyles that have managed to gain traction:

You have your heavy on top hairstyles, which seem to be a direct descendant of K-pop. The wet mop is the straighter version of this shaggy bang style, while the broccoli cut is its curly cousin – K-pop with a twist, if you will.

Then there is the over-accessorizing. For example, pinning bangs back with rows of multi-colored barrettes may be viewed as a form of self-expression.

Obviously, the mullet, a nod to back in the day rockers and possibly Miley Cyrus, warrants a mention on this list of crazy hairstyles.

Speaking of rocker nods, punk hairstyles, such as mohawk spikes (the bigger, the better) have been spotted this year. Word to the wise – these will need some serious adjustment after naptime.

Want some attention? A teased-up bouffant will definitely turn up the volume.

Hair dyed pink, dotted with little black seed-like shapes and edged in lime green for a head that looks like a watermelon…Frankly, there is no explanation for that one.

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