The Importance of a Healthy and Happy Work Environment

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Did you know that happiness leads to better health? In fact, studies indicate that people who enjoy life
maintain better physical function throughout their lives, and those who are unhappy are 80% more
likely to develop impairments.

The same is true of the work environment. A happy and healthy workplace is a healing, empowering
environment for employees…and that, my friend, leads to a host of many wonderful things!

A positive work environment definitely impacts contribution and quality of work in the workplace. A
happy, healthy workplace results in successful employee recruitment and retention which translates
into seamless, quality professional customer services. It also boosts camaraderie and encourages
collaboration among employees. Ultimately, a happy and healthy work environment can create happy
employees, which leads to phenomenal interaction with clients.

Even the right temperature, proper lighting and calming colors in the workplace can create a more
relaxed, soothing environment which leads to happier and healthier employees AND clients.
A positive attitude is proven to improve health, prevent disease and increase longevity, so don’t worry,
be happy and pay Swanky Salon a visit!