Take Part in Our Education Program!

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Beauty is an industry which is consistently evolving through innovative advancements including new hair styles, cuts, techniques and products. Swanky Salon is dedicated to nurturing the best hair and beauty possible by keeping up with the most up-to-date trends and developments and helping local stylists do the same.

So, for all those hair stylists out there who are eager to learn and grow, boosting their confidence and strengthening their professional skills to propel clients along a healthy hair journey, there is the Swanky Salon Leadership and Education Program…

The Swanky Salon advanced beauty classes, open to all salons within our community and host to top educators as well as celebrity hair stylists, were created to keep local stylists at the top of their professional game. The beauty professionals at Swanky Salons are some of the most talented, most highly credentialed in Volusia County and they are wholly committed to maintaining their elite status through advanced education, as well as perpetuating continued learning opportunities toward the betterment of beauty throughout our community.

To reach any of our convenient Swanky Salon New Smyrna Beach locations for more information, please call Swanky Chic’ Salon at 386-427-4444, Swanky @ Urban Loft at 386-410-4745 or Swanky @Canal at 386-957-3841.