Hairstyles for Summer Fun!

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When it heats up, the humidity turns Florida weather into air you can wear and your hair is hard to keep smooth, manageable and in your usual style of choice for long, don’t worry. There are lots of cool, fun summer hairstyle solutions…

For instance, low pigtail braids that rest on both shoulders in front can look adorable with or without a floppy hat, bucket hat or Panama hat for shade and added style. Double and single French braids are very becoming (and cooler) too.

Or opt for easy with beachy waves (in honor of the season and our coastal locale) which can be acquired by simply using a great texturing product that your professional Swanky Salon hairstylist can recommend, and can withstand the heat and humidity that come along with summer.

Messy top knots are quick, sexy and an easy way to keep your hair off your neck. A nape of the neck knot, with or without a gorgeous scarf to dress it up, can elevate your look.

A smoothed back (Your Swanky Salon stylist can also recommend the perfect hair smoothing product for you.) high pony can be worn anywhere – casually or for a dressy evening out and about.

If you are looking to keep things simple during the summer months when you want to just pick up and go, you can accessorize with a beautiful claw clip for an easy updo. Comb headbands, pretty little clips and barrettes can be fun too!