Teaching Your Children the Craft/Business Can Spark their Motivation

Woman at work with children

Remember when you were little and you aspired to be that kid down the street? He was a little older than you, so he was good at everything you couldn’t quite master yet and all the cool kids loved him. Or when you fell head over heels with your first teacher? She was patient and kind and she spent so much precious time with you, helping you master writing the letters of the alphabet between the lines, sound out words and count to 100.

The same was true as you got a little older. You learned to respect those older and wiser than you…those people who possessed certain talents…to learn that they had something very valuable to offer.

That same school of thought holds true when it comes to business and your children. For instance, if a child comes into a high end salon like Swanky Salon, and begins to work with her parent or another mentor, she might pitch in at first by sweeping the floors. As she spends more and more time there, she is excited to earn more and more responsibility – guiding guests to their prospective stations, stocking the nail polish kiosk or answering the phone. Ah, but her goal at this point is to learn what the professionals in your salon know…to give people the gift of beauty – nails and toes polished to perfection and hair that looks like it belongs in a magazine.

What better way to get your kids involved in the business than to get them involved early? And, even if they don’t develop a lasting interest in your craft or business, at least you have given them their own gift – the gift of knowledge…the art of your craft.