Is Dermapigmentation for You?

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Derma-pigmentation is right for pretty much everyone! 

  • Are you tired of plucking and shaping your brows ad nauseam or maybe you simply don’t have time for all that fuzz…I mean fuss?
  • Would you like a trusted beauty professional to shape your brows for your best look? 
  • Are your eyebrows too thin, imperfect or are you looking to hide an imperfection?

Did I leave anyone out? Didn’t think so!

Derma-pigmentation is a semi-permanent make-up that creates the appearance of simulated eyebrow hair using tattoo pigments and can work some amazing magic:

  • If your eyebrows are too thin, the derma-pigmentation technique can partially or fully – depending on your needs – camouflage any missing eyebrow hair. 
  • Depending on their placement, derma-pigmentation can even hide small scars and other defects.
  • If your eyebrows are asymmetrical, our derma-pigmentation specialist can create the perfect line you crave.
  • Studies show that eyebrow shapes should change depending upon the shape of the face and the correct eyebrow shape can actually significantly enhance the level of beauty. With derma-pigmentation, the beauty experts at Swanky Salon can reshape your brows to provide you with the absolute best version of you!

To schedule your Swanky Salon dermapigmentation appointment, call Cassandra Barry at 386-410-4745.