How to Keep Nails Looking Fresh

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There are a bunch of things you can do to keep your nails looking their best, but let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Before you even think of applying nail polish, make sure you apply a base coat, since a base coat will help protect nails as well as provide a nicer finish to your polish. 

Now it’s time for polish, not the time to go cheap. When you choose your nail polish, choose a decent brand. Same goes for your top coat which will help protect your nails from chipping, peeling and even make them more durable to help protect against breakage. Those are the “do’s”. The “don’ts” are please don’t ever use your nails as a tool to open, scrape or chip away at things. 

You also want to make certain that you keep your nails clean, keep your cuticles well-groomed and eat a balanced diet which is rich in all the nutrients that keep nails healthy. For instance, iron and magnesium are excellent for nails (and are also great for hair!). Biotin is a supplement used to treat brittle nails. There are also hand lotions with biotin you can use as well! Zinc will keep your nails free of white spots. B12 and folate promote healthy blood flow to nail beds and we need vitamin C to naturally produce collagen. Foods that are bursting with those proteins and vitamins include leafy greens, salmon, seeds, nuts, eggs, meat and citrus fruits.

Plus, of course, visiting a Swanky Salon nail technician for routine manicures and pedicures will help ensure that your nails are always beautiful and healthy!