Beauty Trends for 2022

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If you’re interested in how haircuts are shaping up in 2022, here goes!

We started out with quite the retro bang (not bangs, but bang as is in boom). Remember the mullet? How could you not? Well, early 2022 was laden with its ornery offspring – the mixie (a take on the mullet and pixie) and the shullet (more of a shaggy mullet). Both were pretty self-explanatory, low-maintenance hairstyles that infused body into otherwise thin looking hair.

You also have the smullet, which is typically shoulder length and lobbed with a bunch of texture throughout.

Then we were off and running with some other interesting hairstyle newbies. Take the octopus, for instance. Similar to a shag, this trending hairstyle is round, full and shaggy up top with tentacle-like wispy pieces for length. Hence the whole octopus reference. 

Have you heard of the power bob? Layers shmayers! This one is a sleek, sans layers, chin or shoulder length hairstyle that could give the 70s boho bob a run for its money. You can wear it with your power suit if you ever head back to the office. 

Whether you are looking for trendy hair, a hairstyle that will add body to limp locks or you just want an amazing professional cut; the seasoned hairstylists at Swanky Salon can provide all of the above. Simply schedule your appointment and an incredible hairstyle will follow.