The Hottest Salon in New Smyrna Beach Offers Microblading

Beautiful woman face

Microblading has become one of the hottest trends in beauty treatments, and it is available at the hottest salon in New Smyrna Beach – Swanky Salon!

Want to wake up looking fresh and ready to go? Permanent make-up can make that happen. You can have permanent eyeliner and lip liner applied; you can have eyelash extensions placed on your natural lashes for semi-permanent longer, thicker lashes; and now Mircoblading can help enhance your overall look as well!

Microblading is a skin pigmenting process which helps shape brows to complement your facial structure, as well as fill in gaps within your eyebrows. It is a wonderful option for people with faint eyebrows or no eyebrows, as well as those of us with busy schedules that have no time to be bothered with a rigorous make-up routine. And here’s more fabulous news… it can last from ten months up to three years!

So, why has Microblading become one of the hottest trends in beauty? Microblading is a painless procedure offering quick results that are more natural looking and far more durable than traditional brow liner. Go ahead and swim, sweat, shower and sleep because Microblading won’t smudge or wear off!

In short, Microblading helps you to wake up looking and feeling your best, and it saves you valuable time. Call Swanky Salon in New Smyrna Beach to schedule your Microblading consultation and appointment today. Then feel free to sleep in from now on ‘cause you’ll have plenty of extra time!