Bring Out the Natural Tones in Your Hair with Highlights


Ever notice when you spend time in the sun, that your hair does that thing…it makes blondes blonder, it turns mousy (sorry) brown into a brighter brown and it adds lively lighter reds to rich burgundy? After that day in the sun, when natural highlights emerge, pretty facial features are accentuated and everything just seems a little brighter and more striking.

Natural hair tones are beautiful…deep brown with caramel wisps that frame a face, brilliant blonde that brightens the golden blonde locks it accents or soft reds interspersed among more robust crimson colors. Nature often says it best.

What we want for that victorious endgame hair are natural looking highlights that flatter. The well-seasoned, expertly trained colorists at Swanky Salon can give you exactly that…a core color with rich, vibrant tones, perfectly accented by luminous, natural looking highlights.

And if we are talking sun, let’s be real here. Too much time in the sun can actually end up being a bad thing. It can turn blondes brassy, it can create red highlights that some brunettes may not want and it can morph pretty bleach blonde hair into a scary whitish mess…and so many more train wrecks too horrifying to mention (just kidding, but some ARE pretty bad).

The professional color experts at Swanky Salon can also help in this instance, toning the crazy down to a very comfortable, yet incredibly radiant color and then adding subtle, natural looking highlights that simply ooze nature’s glorious appeal.

Consider highlights that flatter your natural hair and skin tones. Then consider the professionals who do it best – Swanky Salon.