Why We Should Donate Hair

Woman donating hair for cancer

Donating hair may mean more than you think…

Surgeries, painful recoveries and treatments that can cause enough nausea and discomfort to put your entire life on hold…Cancer patients – including little children – go through enough without having to deal with the loss of hair. Wigs made from real hair are more genuine looking and can at least help ease one pain suffered by cancer patients. What a wonderful feeling it is to help empower those who have gone through so much.

Hair donations also help those who suffer from hair loss for any other number of reasons…pregnancy, thyroid disorders, anemia, genetics, etc. It shouldn’t, because people should be seen for their beauty within, but serious hair loss can cause embarrassment; and hair donations can eliminate that embarrassment for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to maintain a full head of hair – for whatever reason.

For more information on how to donate hair to a good cause, contact Swanky Salon at either convenient New Smyrna Beach location. Swanky Chic Salon on Orange Street can be reached by calling 386-427-4444or dial up the Swanky Studio Salon at Urban Loft Canal at 386-410-4745.

At Swanky Salon, we make beauty our business. We provide beauty services, including expert hair styling, cuts and color, manicures and pedicures, tanning, waxing, luxurious facials and massages, so if you decide to make a hair donation, we will fill your needs beautifully.