We Put the “Treat” in Spa Treatments

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Have you ever placed your hands in gloves so warm it felt like a cozy hug for your hands? That is what a paraffin treatment feels like, but that is not its only super power. Paraffin is essentially a warm wax which provides heat therapy to help relieve hand pain or discomfort, promote healthy blood flow and heal dry, cracked skin, leaving behind hands that feel smooth and silky.

Spa manicures and pedicures also improve circulation, as well as moisturize and exfoliate, helping to prevent calluses, corns and bunions. They are the ultimate reset button to alleviate stiffness and joint stress and to provide healthy, smooth skin…and they feel amazing too! There are also so many fun upgrades to a little more pizzazz to your spa mani-pedis, including powdered dipped nails, nail art or a sugar scrub for those tootsies!

Any respectable skin care routine should involve exfoliating and deep cleaning to remove impurities. A facial spa treatment will revitalize and restore glowing skin, but that’s not all. Did you know that you have pressure points on your face? You do, which means that a cleansing facial provided by a knowledgeable professional will not only help you put your best face forward, but it also acts as an excellent de-stressor.

Even primping with professionally applied make-up and a fresh haircut or professional hair styling can not only make us feel well groomed, but sufficiently pampered.

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