Bang It Out!

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Bangs can be pretty bangin’. They can accentuate the eyes and camouflage a world of sins, but they are also super cute. So, what’s trending for hairstyles with bangs right now? Let’s see…

  • Long cuts look amazing with soft curtain bangs, lash-length bangs, angled side bangs and French bangs.
  • Medium hairstyles have been smashing it out of the park with edgy arched bangs, sides swept bangs and blunt cut bangs.
  • Shorter styles like bobs rock micro bangs; long, wispy, angled bangs; point cut, blunt fringe bangs; as well as pretty piecey bangs, blended bangs and long bangs that skim the cheekbone and beautifully contour the face.

Whether your preferred bang style packs a bag for the wispy bang, baby bang or split bang camp, the professional hair stylists at Swanky Salon will light it on fire! Call for your appointment with a bang magician at your choice of convenient Swanky Salon locations: 

Swanky at Urban Loft at 550 Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach (386-410-4745), 

Swanky at Canal at 534 Canal (386-957-3841) or

 Swanky Chic’ Salon at 125 S. Orange (386-427-4444).

All of the Swanky locations offer hair, nails, make-up and more for weddings and special events. Swanky at Urban Loft and Swanky at Canal also provide massage and tanning services. Additionally, Swanky offers a full-service barber shop with all of the trimmings, called Swanky Gents at 536 Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach. Walk-ins are welcome.