Why Are Perms Back in Style?

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Remember those tightly curled, frizzy perms from the 80’s that you used a headband or scrunchy to keep in check? Thinking you want a redo? No problem! Perms are making a comeback for women; and they are doing it in style…

Out with the old scary hair perm and in with the more stylish, versatile perms of today. These new perms, called body waves or modern waves, give you texture, body, buoyancy, bounce and movement and provide a myriad of looks from a more natural, soft beachy feel, all the way to super curly. Plus, they make stick straight hair a breeze to style. 

Even better, they are so much better for your hair than the perms of old. New technology enables stylists to provide a gentler treatment with softer tools, wrapped in the new, innovative patterns of today. 

Like way back when, these new perms will last about three to six months, depending on how tight the curl. And, like we did way back in the day, don’t cut your hair beforehand because you want to leave some length to accommodate your extra bounce. Also, don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours after you get your modern perm. Washing right away can create an uneven effect. It is, however, a good idea to moisturize beforehand, and leave-in conditioner is a nice addition after the fact.

So, the bottom line is, schedule your perm appointment at Swanky Salon – your permanent solution – and you will look less like a fluffy dog who spent the night in the rain or an 80s rocker and more like a sexy siren who is flawlessly tousled and carefree!