Is It Acceptable to Wear Flip Flops to a Beach Wedding?

Stylish woman standing on the sand at the beach

Flip flops provide easy, breezy, airy comfort. They are a staple here in fun-loving Florida, a rite of passage for serious sun worshippers everywhere and the style of choice for those who are incomparably chill. So, it is understandable why some might “flip flop” on whether or not it is acceptable to wear flip flops to a wedding, but don’t.

Even if you are invited to a beach wedding, short of the happy couple actually asking you to don your floppy favorites, you really shouldn’t wear flip flips. You’d rather be the one in the sundress amongst all the other guests who wore shorts, than the girl in the hot pants when everyone else is business casual, right? Trust me, it is always best to err on the side of dressing up, rather than dressing down; and no matter how many tears it may cause us to shed, flip flops really don’t belong everywhere.

Put your best foot forward when you attend a beach wedding…or any wedding for that matter, and dress appropriately. Often, a wedding invite will include a dress code, so what you wear won’t be in question. However, if not, it is safe to assume that a beach wedding will probably not require a gown, but you should show some respect and dress it up a bit. 

Try to remain comfortable in materials that don’t make you sweat, hairstyles that can withstand a little beach breeze; and shoes that can handle the sand, but don’t dress you down. Don’t stress too much though. Some really cute strappy sandals would definitely work!