Manicure Hand Massages Can Work Wonders for Relaxation and Circulation


Chamomile tea, fuzzy slippers, curling up in bed with a good book, a nice glass of merlot before dinner…are all excellent ways to relax, but did you know that a manicure hand massage can do wonders for relaxation and even your circulation?

The benefits of massage are simply astounding. Human touch can be incredibly therapeutic, and massage, in any form, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Additionally, massage can also improve circulation. It actually pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and organs, enhancing circulation. And our hands – with all of our typing on keyboards and demanding manual labor – are sometimes a place where circulation is challenged.

Every Swanky Salon spa manicure comes with a hand massage and paraffin wax treatment, and it is sure to relax even those who are as tightly wound as a top! Then our expert nail technicians apply beautiful acrylics and/or nail art. You will leave our Swanky Salon more relaxed, even more beautiful and perhaps even healthier. What’s not to love?

Want to find your Zen? There is no doubt that Swanky Salon can help you find it. We pamper our clients in every way – from pedicures with sugar scrubs, to facials that leave your skin glowing, to a wide array of beauty treatments for hair and nails, as well as tanning and waxing. Come on and get your girl on! Or your guy on! We have exceptional barber, shaving and salon services for men as well. Make an appointment at one of our three convenient Swanky Salon locations today!