Paraffin on Hands and Feet Is Great for Arthritis!

Closeup beauty portrait of young woman posing in studio

We all want soft skin, and paraffin is certainly the perfect way to maintain satiny skin on our hands and feet, but the paraffin wax procedure also provides a wide spectrum of additional benefits…

The paraffin wax procedure is a relaxing process that helps to increase blood flow and relax muscles. The release of heat within the paraffin wax helps to soothe pain, as well as moisturize hands and feet. In fact, research indicates that paraffin wax can help battle the symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, as well as scleroderma.  Paraffin wax treatments can also minimize inflammation and alleviate muscle aches, strains and stress.

You may be wondering what the paraffin process entails. Basically, the paraffin treatment is an immersion of feet or hands within heated, liquid wax. Aside from relaxing muscles and alleviating pain, the paraffin process allows pores to open, releasing toxins. The paraffin wax experience can be further enhanced with essential oils for optimal relaxation.

Paraffin wax treatments are a luxury spa service offered by Swanky Salon in New Smyrna Beach. For the ultimate in relaxation, smooth skin and muscle rejuvenation, make your paraffin appointment today! Swanky Salon offers two New Smyrna Beach locations for your convenience. Swanky Chic’ Salon is located on Orange Street, and the Swanky Studio Salon and Spa is at the Urban Loft on Canal Street.