The Benefits of Building a Relationship with Your Stylist and/or Nail Technician

CC PhillipsHair Stylist

Looking for something beyond just the ordinary hum-drum hair cut or mani-pedi experience? Look no further. The Swanky Salon experience transcends beyond the normal realm of beauty treatments, transporting you to the next level of hair and nail care.

Our friendly, experienced hair stylists and nail technicians pay close attention to detail, and as you build a relationship with your particular Swanky stylist/technician, they will expediently learn everything they need to know to deliver the beauty experience that is perfectly tailored to suit all of your needs. They will know how fast your hair grows, which cuts will enhance your waves and volume and which will create a sleeker, smooth, glossy look. They know the colors and styles that will heighten your natural beauty…from the shape of your nails to the polish or art that will look the most spectacular on them.

Swanky hair stylists and nail technicians will learn your preferences so that they can guide you toward the products and services that they can guide you to the hair and nail products and services that might be the most beneficial to you…nail enhancers and conditioners, hair conditioners and hair product. Hair products that enrich your hair color and intensify your style. Nail treatments that strengthen and colors that compliment.

Our expert hair stylists and nail technicians at Swanky Salon use exceptional communication and interaction with each and every client to deliver the most enjoyable and worthwhile beauty experience possible.