How the Shape of Your Face Should Affect Your Hairstyle

We work so hard at beauty…perfectly coifing, using the best products and conditioning…but – believe it
or not – the thing that matters most is actually how our hair style suits the shape of our face. Think of
your hair as a frame around your face that should accentuate your positive features and minimize any
negative ones. Ok, so let’s talk shapes and styles…
With a round or square shaped face, you want to create a narrower illusion, and you can do this with
height at the crown, a middle part and the absence of bangs. If you do wear bangs, do not wear them
blunt. Lightly sweep them across your face. Avoid blunt bobs. Medium length with rounded wispy ends
will flatter.
If your face is longer than it is wide, you need to pretty much go in the opposite direction because you
want to add width. Try medium length with longer top layers, graduated bobs and chin and shoulder
length looks that turn under or kick out for maximum width. Straight across bangs and side pats are
good. Height, middle parts and the absence of bangs are all bad.
If your face is heart shaped, you are wider at the forehead and cheekbones and narrow at your jawline,
so avoid any slicked back looks that accentuate the upper face. Instead try textured chin length
If your forehead and cheekbones are narrow and your jawline is wide, you have a triangular shaped
face, and you should wear layered or tapered hairstyles that help soften your prominent jawline. Avoid
any hairstyles that draw attention to your chin – such as bobs.
A diamond shaped face – where the forehead and jawline are both narrow and the cheekbones are wide
– begs for added width at the jawline, so bobs are great here. Blunt bangs and side parts shorten long
faces. Height at your crown and middle parts are a no-no.
Whatever your face shape, an experienced hair stylist can help find the perfect hair style for you.
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