Hair Styling Apps That Help You See How a Cut, Color or Style Will Look Beforehand

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Ever consider trying a shorter hairstyle, but worried it wouldn’t look right? Maybe you wanted to try a trendy, new style, some hair extensions or see if being a redhead would heat things up in your life, but you didn’t want to waste the time, expense or embarrassment if it just wasn’t right for you.

Ahhhh, but what if there was a way to see what a cut, color or style change would look like well before you even enter your beauty salon? Well, guess what. There is. There are some great hairstyling apps accessible to Android and iPhone users that enable you to see what a change in your hairstyle, cut or color will look like beforehand, so you know whether or not it is right for you!

Want a new hairstyle for a special occasion or a new look for the new season? Try out hundreds of different hairstyle options while you sit in the comfort of your own home. See what cut flatters your face shape, what color accentuates your eyes or what hot, new style will make you sizzle!

Try the Hairstyle Mirror app that opens your phone’s selfie camera so that you can just look into your phone or tablet to check out new hairstyles; and it offers more than 100 options in long, short and medium categories. It also allows you to change colors on the hairstyles you select.

The Celebrity Hairstyle Salon and Ultimate Hairstyle Try-on apps let you see how you would look in different celebrity hairstyles. Hair Zapp is a popular virtual hairstyle app which allows you to compare your favorite styles side by side. The Hairstyle Changer app is for both men and women. Hairstyle Step by Step displays styling guides when you tap on each image. Getting ready to attend a formal event? There’s also an Updo Styles app, packed with 80 updos from which to choose!

So, since you can now predict your hairstyling future, go ahead and see if blondes have more fun or get that short sassy style you have been considering. You definitely won’t regret it!