Paraffin Wax in Pedicures Helps Dry, Cracked Feet

Loving couple feet

Cashmere sweaters, the light tickle of a feather, a well-worn pair of jeans…the softer things in life can feel so nice. Softer is also better when it comes to your feet. 

Pedicures are great for softening the skin on your feet and eliminating calluses, but if the skin on your feet is so dry that it cracks, you may want to consider taking your pedicure to the next level with a paraffin wax treatment.

Aside from being an extremely relaxing spa treatment, paraffin wax in pedicures can help aid in the healing of dry, cracked feet. Paraffin wax is primarily used to heal calluses and blisters, as well as open up pores to deeply moisturize the skin. Paraffin’s restorative and healing properties even extend to alleviating aching joints and promoting circulation in and around the feet. It’s a great elixir for people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and tendonitis. 

Here’s how it works. The paraffin wax is melted and placed inside a special “sock”. Once the foot is inserted and the “sock” is firmly secured at the ankle, the paraffin solution is massaged around the foot and ankle. When the foot is entirely covered in melted paraffin, the “sock” is removed, and the wax cools and hardens – locking in heat and moisture to enhance the healing process.

The trapped heat created by the paraffin wax treatment helps with everything from chronic pain to softer skin; and the process itself is non-toxic, odor-free (unless perfumed oils are added) and very enjoyable.

If you think you might be interested in this delightful fantasy for your feet, just give Swanky Salon a call. We’d be happy to help you schedule a soothing paraffin pedicure.