Hair Designs: What’s Trending in 2017

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Regardless of how long each hair style is considered chic, we all want to be
“IN”…as long as the style is not ridiculous. Here’s some of the best hair design trending for in 2017…
WET AND WILD! Wear slick, shiny hair that looks sopping wet. Kim Kardashian has nailed this look.
PONY UP! Slick your hair up and pull it tight in a high pony like Jennifer Lopez. This works great for messy
curls or smooth, straight hair.

GO PLATINUM! Katy Perry rocks the silvery platinum blonde look. It’s also popular to shorten this style
by chopping off your ends with a straight, flat cut….healthier too if you are bleaching.
FLIP OUT! Simply flip your hair from side to side (over the top of your head) for a sexy look with tons of

SUPER SLEEK! One of the biggest trends in 2017 is super sleek hair with a center part.
TAKE IT UP A NOTCH! Add hair extensions to the super sleek look for what Bazaar Magazine refers to as
“Cher Hair.”

RIDE THE WAVE! Hang ten with flat waves – flat iron waves with straight ends for a polished finish.
WHAT ABOUT BOB? Sharp, blunt angular bobs are also all the rage for 2017.
KEEP LOOSE! The low, loose braid is killing it in the romantic hair style look this year. Try one. You might
like it.

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