How Donating Your Long Hair in a Salon Can Help Someone with Cancer

Haircut on balcony at home, coronavirus and lockdown concept

Hair loss can be stressful and traumatic for cancer patients. Research even indicates that the emotional turmoil caused by hair loss can actually facilitate physical setbacks for cancer patients.

Wigs made from natural hair can help cancer patients to maintain self-esteem and a more positive body image while they are quite possibly going through the fight of their lives.

Hair prosthetics, as they are called, are made of natural hair and they are free to cancer patients. They are custom made to fit the patient’s head and made of non-slip material so that they don’t shift or slip around. These wigs are sturdy and durable, the inside is soft so that it doesn’t irritate sensitive scalps and it is breathable so it comfortable. Wigs made from natural hair can be washed, dried and styled like natural hair for a more natural appearance than synthetic wigs can provide.

Natural hair is in high demand for these types of wigs, and the more people who donate, the more color and length options become available to this very deserving population.

Donating your long hair in a salon like Swanky Salon is a generous and satisfying way to improve the life of a cancer patient. If you would like more information, get in touch with Swanky Salon. We are dedicated to helping to beautify the lives of cancer patients.