How Ombre Can Give You a Contemporary and Professional Look

Portrait of fashion model with long blonde hair on retro coffee car background. She holds pink fur s

You know that gorgeous way the vibrant colors of the sunset sink into the somber sky; or the way the sunrise makes the world come alive from bottom to top? That’s Ombre…one of the hottest hair trends – which gradually transitions hair from light to dark or dark to light. Ombre can be electric blue, low maintenance lavender or a choppy, blunt cut that goes from black or platinum blonde to red, but you can also tame down the creative pastel and bolder colors for a contemporary, professional style.

Fade black into a rich brown or a honey blonde into a golden blonde. Consider a dark ash blonde blending into a lighter, somewhat brighter blonde or dark silver melding into a light silver. Silver and ash blonde Ombre are pretty new to the Ombre choices of color and offer a beautiful, almost metallic look.

If your hair texture is fine, beef it up with color dimension and a layered cut with feathery ends. Ombre can disguise damage ends, cause hair to appear thicker, brighten eyes and make skin look fresher.

Short, cropped Ombre colored hair can add an even more contemporary appeal. Try a subtle fade on soft, bobbed waves or sleek silver on a pixie cut. That one is great for girls with small faces and big eyes.

Redheads can be fun, yet stylish and professional. So go with short, chunky red curls that fade into a deep burgundy. Short and sassy can be fearless no matter what the season, and styling is a breeze for those early morning meetings. Short with gel while still damp will add great curls and waves when you blow dry and use a small barrel curling iron. Dark silver roots blended into ash blonde is the perfect complement for this sexy style.

With Ombre, the choices are virtually limitless. Call Swanky Salon, the Ombre specialists, to create your personal Ombre style.