Buffing Your Nails Can Bring Out the Natural Shine

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Whether it’s at the high school talent show, while competing in a sporting event or enjoying a holiday party, we all want to shine. We even want our hair shiny, our shoes shiny and our teeth shiny. Ever think about making sure your nails are shiny?

If you maintain perfectly healthy, moisturized nails, they should have a pretty, natural shine, but it isn’t always easy, so buffing your nails can bring out that nice natural shine as well. And not only does buffing your nails add beautiful, natural shine, it brings natural oils to the nail’s surface, and helps to stimulate blood circulation and even nail growth!

Nail buffing is a technique where the nail is polished by a nail buffer, which can be accomplished manually with a fine grit nail file for with a battery operated automatic nail buffer. Both can be very effective options.

To buff nails, start with clean and polish-free nails. Also trim and file your nails to the desired shape before buffing. Hold the buffer parallel to the nail and gently buff in an X shape to smooth out ridges or rough spots and make nails smooth. Over buffing can damage nails, so only use approximately six strokes. Or play it safe and leave your buffing to the nail experts at Swanky Salon.

Nail buffing is a wonderful spa process that will bring your nails back to life and is perfect for both male and female clients. It is beautiful and will last for days. Trust me, you will really take a shine to it!