Acrylic or Gel Nails, Which Is Right for You?

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Acrylic and gel nail enhancements both offer different benefits. So, which is best for you will likely depend on your specific tastes and needs. For instance…

While they may look slightly thicker and a little less natural than gel nails, acrylic nails can be harder, more durable and longer-lasting than gel nails. They also tend to be less expensive and if you like your nails long, acrylic may be the choice for you. This artificial nail enhancement option will last you approximately six to eight weeks and requires filling two to three weeks, depending upon how fast your nails grow.

Gel nail enhancements may not be as flexible as your own nails, but they are more flexible than acrylic ones. Your nails will appear slightly glossy and your nail beds will look more natural with gel than they would with acrylic. Both aforementioned benefits provide a more natural looking and feeling result. These nail enhancements can last up to two weeks.

…and safety first! So, whether acrylic or gel, it is best to have them applied professionally. Both types of nail enhancements should also be removed professionally for best results. Also be careful when washing dishes or house cleaning because excessive exposure to water is not recommended. 

If you are looking for a salon staffed with professionals who specialize in nail enhancements, Swanky Salon’s experienced nail technicians will provide you with gorgeous results – whether your choice is acrylic or gel!