Scalp Taping and OPromote Health Hair Growth

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Ever heard of scalp tapping? Scalp tapping, which is gaining popularity for the purpose of boosting hair growth and hair thickness, is described as regular scalp massages which include tapping the fingertips over the scalp. While this hair follicle stimulation method is not a scientifically proven process to restore hair, the good news is that scalp massages feel wonderful and the even better news is that there ARE other proven methods to promote healthy hair growth…

One of the best ways to ensure the maintenance of a head full of healthy hair is with regular professional trims. Trimming your hair every six weeks will keep hair ends from fraying and splitting, creating brittle, unmanageable hair…and even worse, hair thinning and breakage.

To pamper your hair, you can also try deep conditioning. Deep hair conditioning treatments may help minimize frizz and promote smooth, flowing locks of voluminous, vibrant hair. As may moderation when it comes to harsh heat styling, exposure to the often unforgiving summer sun and the use of products that can be hard on hair.

Plus, if you enjoy a good head massage, or any other type of massage, a delicious menu of massage options is always available by the trained massage, relaxation, rejuvenation professionals as Swanky Salon. Choose from hot stone massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, a replenishing facial and even pregnancy massage. There are also pedicures to soothe tired tootsies with indulgent rubs, as well as manicures to take care of the hands that take such good care of others.