Trendiest 2023 Summer Nail Colors

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It’s that time of year when the beach sings its siren song and epic pool parties are aplenty. The summer season is here! Are your toes ready? Swanky Salon can help! Here are some hot tips for the summer of 2023’s coolest pedicure colors…

The 2022 Pantone color of the year – the cool, soft shade of periwinkle – is a well-deserved frontrunner this summer, with warm earth tones hot on its heels. Try a flesh tone nude, shimmery beige or beige so light it is off-white.

Here’s a nice twist: frosty lemon-lime. Serene mint green and the palest shade of cool blue will do too.

Hot, fluorescent pink and neon yellow are still brilliant choices, as is pastel purple; or mix things up with a blend of orange, yellow and pastel blue, which is beautifully bold.

You also can’t go wrong with timeless, glossy, cherry red or pure white lacquer which goes with everything…or go a little cra-cra with white chrome and they will eat you up like a glazed donut!

Of course, Barbie pink and juicy, vibrant orange will also always have a place every summer season.

Whatever you choose, the experienced, professional nail technicians at Swanky Salon are on their toes when it comes to hot pedicures for summer. So, dial us up to schedule that pedi! We’d love to color your world and get those toes summer-ready.