Soft Wolf Cut

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The soft wolf cut is a new take and gentler version of some edgy hair trends of late. Specifically, it’s an elevation and combination of certain elements of the mullet and shag; and the result is a tousled style that gives a slight nod to 80s grunge. Think Camila Cabello and Jennifer Lopez, because they are two who wear it well!

Inspired by and following a similar, yet milder choppiness and shape of the mullet, the soft wolf cut is softened into more wearable hair that resembles a shag in some respects and is an alternative to the harsher classic wolf cut sported by both Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish. The difference is more volume at the top and less at the sides with lots of long, blended layers which add a bit more movement.

So, if you’re craving for a new look…something sexy with a slightly messy, casual feel which also offers the style versatility of a more restrained, elegant look; just reach out to Swanky Salon to schedule an appointment. The soft wolf cut can also be worn in various lengths, making it easily adaptable to your own personal style preferences. One of our experienced stylists would be more than happy to help you acquire these soft, blendable layers in whatever way you wear it best!

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