Spring Has Sprung!

It’s springtime. Are you ready for the season? No worries! Swanky Salon in New Smyrna Beach has everything you need!

The first requirements are gorgeous toes and smooth, soft feet to dip in the sand and surf. You guessed it! You are in need of a relaxing spa pedicure. And you’re in luck because all of the season’s latest colors are in. Try eye-popping pink, a soft pastel, a creamy pearlescent or choose from an incredible range of dazzling frosty shades.

Okay, now onward and upward. It’s bikini season in Florida, so you need every part of your body ready. You’ll want smooth, silky legs and a bikini area that is completely free of unwanted hair. Swanky Salon offers professional waxing services for the whole body, or try laser hair removal for perfect, hair-free skin just in time for the spring season.

Don’t forget to prep your skin for the sun! Swanky Salon also provides tanning beds so that you will sport that perfect starter tan when you hit the beach…and forgo any risk of blotchy skin or dangerous sunburns.

Now that we’ve prepped every body part that needs prepping, keep in mind that Swanky Salon offers after-the-beach services too! There are luxurious facials to soothe your skin after a day in the summer sun and a variety of massages – including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy – that use soothing lotions and oils to restore much needed moisture to your sun-kissed skin.

Come get ready for all that spring fun! Call 386-427-4444 for an appointment at Swanky Chic’ Salon on Orange Street or 386-410-4745 for the Swanky Studio Salon and Spa at Urban Loft on Canal.