Bangs Can Make You Look Younger

Beautiful brunette girl with red lips and black bob hairstyle.

Thinking it might be time to freshen up your hairstyle…maybe with something that makes you look and feel a little younger? Ask any skilled hair stylist what to do and they will tell you that a soft framing shape with lots of layers is best for a younger look, and that bangs are definitely a fabulous age-defying solution.

Bangs draw attention to your eyes and help to hide crows-feet and forehead wrinkles – two hard-to-avoid symptoms of aging. Although a blunt cut bang can help, it can also appear retro or a bit harsh for those who are a little more mature. Varying lengths at the end can soften the severity of a blunt cut, and wispy bangs can give your face a softer, even more youthful appearance. Another great youthful look is side-swept bangs. They cover your hairline and draw the focus away from any fine lines on you face, while creating a soft, elegant look.

If you do decide you want bangs, make certain that they aren’t too short. For the best, most youthful look, the ends should be between your eyebrows and the top of your eyes – no shorter. And here is an extremely valuable tip…Note to self: It is never a good idea to have a glass of wine and attempt to cut your own bangs…NEVER.

Getting older can be a little hairy, but you don’t have to look older if you have the right hairstyle. Go out with a big bang. You might even get carded!